Business Process Management

What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management is achievement of an organization’s objectives through the improve-ment, management and control of essential business processes

  • Achievement – realizing the value

  • Improvement – making more efficient and effective

  • Control – manage end-to-end business processes with the ability to measure correctly

  • Process – all things we do to provide someone who cares with what they expect to receive

  • More than just software

  • Includes managerial issues

  • Integral part of management

  • Beyond modelling, includes analysis

A key goal of BPM is to align processes with business goals, seek ways to improve those processes and then establish measurements that can be used to track and monitor performance for continuous improvement and optimization. BPM is embraced as an enterprise wide strategy.

Business Process Automation/Optimization

Business process automation (BPA) is an organizational transformation that aims to drive efficiency, provide transparency and facilitate compliance for repeatable processes. Workflow can enforce the way processes are performed. Process monitoring can track and audit work and provide insights to process bottlenecks and problems. Automation can eliminate activities performed by people as well as eliminate human mistakes. SOA and BPM technology can be used to augment/enhance current business systems or develop entirely new business systems to support reengineered processes.

BPA enable management to meet its business priorities

  • Increasing enterprise growth

  • Attracting and retaining customers

  • Reducing enterprise costs

  • Creating new products or services

  • Delivering operational results

  • Improving efficiency

  • Improving profitability

  • Improving marketing and sales effectiveness

  • Expanding into new markets

  • Improving governance, compliance, risk

  • Implementing finance and management controls

End-to-End Business Process Management Services

AlShorouk Business Optimization Solutions Team work with your organization to accelerate your business process management initiative throughout all phases of project.

Our business process management services team can help you get your BPM project off on the right foot with a thorough review of your BMP application design. Collaborating with your team to determine & prioritize processes to be the target of BMP initiative.

Working side-by-side with your project team capture as-is (current state) and metrics and modelling to-be (future state) processes and leveraging best-practice design principles, our consultants will provide valuable feedback:

  • Documentation of process information and voice of customers

  • Process mapping / modelling software tools to support BPMN, SIPOC , Value Stream Mapping.

  • Creation of process library to centralize process documentation

Analysis of existing processes to look for opportunities for improve-ments. Our business process management consultants will analyze process and also review your user interfaces from the user perspective and help you identify ways to improve the user experience and increase user productivity. Detailed analysis and feedback from our business process management consultant can help you to fine tune your application and to optimize future applications as well.

BPM experts can coach your team on all the nuances of implementing an iterative and agile BPM methodology that best leverages the robust capabilities of your BPM platform.

Centers of Excellence Creation

A BPM Center of Excellence (CoE) is a governance mechanism that is widely adopted by organizations aiming for a consistent and centralized roll-out of BPM initiatives. Many leading companies are creating BPM-focused Centers of Excellence to drive BPM implementations across the enterprise. Our BMP Consultants can help you with all aspects of launching a BPM Center of Excellence, including strategy development, infrastructure creation, and building of a BPM knowledge base.

BMP Technologies

Our Business Process Management Consultant are proficient in using Open Source and industry-specific BMP solutions frameworks such as:

  • Micosoft Business Process Management: Sharepoint, Biztalk, dotNet, Visio

  • K2

  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

  • Bonitasoft BMP

  • Intalio BMP

  • jBPM