Software Quality Assurance

SQA encompasses the entire software development process, which includes processes such as requirements definition, software design, coding, source code control, code reviews, software configuration management, testing, release management, and product integration. SQA is an ongoing process within the software development life cycle (SDLC) that routinely checks the developed software to ensure it meets desired quality measures.

Al Shorouk offers software quality assurance services to guarantee that your software, web, and mobile projects function exactly as you need them to. We anticipate and expose possible weak points and issues, apply solutions instead of patches, to make your products operate flawlessly.

Our SQA services works on one or more industry standards that help in building software quality guidelines and implementation strategies. These standards include the

  • ISO 9000,

  • Six Sigma

  • capability maturity model integration (CMMI).

We also leverage our QA talent pool to provide standalone testing services by means of custom-tailored dedicated QA teams. A dedicated team reports directly to the client, and works exclusively on a single project, closely collaborating with the client’s staff. This approach has proven very effective for mid- and long-term projects that require ultimate resource scalability and product knowledge retention


Black Box Testing

Black-box testing is a method that examines the functionality of an application based on the specifications. It discovers the possible ways to enter the system infrastructure without the system knowledge.

Whitebox Testing

White box testing is a testing technique, that examines the program structure and derives test data from the program logic/code

Graybox Testing

Grey Box testing is testing technique performed with limited information about the internal functionality of the system.

Agile Testing

Agile Testing is an iterative development methodology, where requirements evolve through collaboration between the customer and self-organizing teams and agile aligns development with customer needs.

Adhoc Testing

Adhoc Tests are done after formal testing is performed on the application. Adhoc methods are the least formal type of testing as it is NOT a structured approach. Hence, defects found using this method are hard to replicate as there are no test cases aligned for those scenarios.

Software QA Services includes :

Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing services focus on testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality. Our Functional testing services helps in achieving the Organization’s objectives.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing Performs to determine the Software applications parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under various workload. Our Performance Testing spans a wide range of applications including client-server, web, mobile, cloud databases and high volume transaction system.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is conducted on the software application to evaluate the application’s compatibility within different environments. We provide comprehensive Compatibility Testing services that can be performed across variety of Operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, hardware, different versions, configurations, display resolutions etc.

Usability Testing

Usability testing technique is a measure of how easily the system can be used by end users. This testing mainly focuses on the user’s ease to use the application, flexibility in handling controls and ability of the system to meet its objectives.